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Luxury Vinyl Tiles - Taozen Floors Services
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Luxury Vinyl Tiles


Luxury Vinyl Tiles are super durable, 100% waterproof floors and can be installed on any level or room, including those wet spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. This leaves you with the ability to have continuous, seamless floors throughout your entire home or business.

Step 1:

One of the most important steps when installing vinyl flooring is preparing the surface. Since it’s a floating floor, LVT can be installed over a wood subfloor, concrete subfloor, or existing tile, so it’s crucial that your subfloor is solid and sound before moving on with the installation.

Step 2:

For professional results, you’ll want to plan properly. Start by measuring the length of the room divided by the length of luxury vinyl planks. Then, measure the width of the room divided by the width of the planks. Both measurements need to take into account the 1/4-inch gap that you’ll leave all around the perimeter of the room.

Step 3:

Once you’ve marked the proper measurements on your vinyl plank flooring, use a utility knife to score it and snap off the excess piece or a floor cutter to get a clean cut. Place your 1/4-inch spacers around the room to allow the planks to expand and contract over time.

Step 4:

When starting your second row, you’ll want to stagger it at least 8 inches from your first row. After you’ve measured, scored, and cut that first plank, angle and connect the plank on the short side first before connecting the long sides together. To help ensure a tight joint at the seam, use a tapping block when clicking planks together.

Essential Care

  1. To tackle daily cleaning, bring out a broom or a vacuum with the beater bar turned off to help pick up any dirt or debris on the floor tile.
  2. For deeper cleaning necessities, try a wet mop on those extra dirty or sticky areas, and only use water with either a mild soap or manufacturer-recommended cleaner.
  3. If you need to help revive the shine of your vinyl floors, then look for a no-wax polish that’s made just for luxury vinyl tiles and planks.
  4. Help keep your LVT in tip-top shape and protect the floors from possible damage by using some soft rugs or mats in high-traffic areas like an entryway, garage door, or kitchen sink area.
  5. Adding furniture pads under heavy furniture like couches, TV stands, beds, and tables will help protect the vinyl.

It’s also important to remember that vinyl can’t be refinished like real hardwood floors. However, replacing a cut or scratched plank or tile is fast and inexpensive.


  1. Vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of on-trend wood looks that can be installed in any space with 100% waterproof floors that are no match for kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.
  2. The next-generation planks are affordable, easy to care for, and beautify any residential or commercial space.


All our luxury vinyl tiles come with warranties directly from the manufacturers. Please contact us for any questions you have about the warranty of your flooring before purchasing it.