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Flooring Tools

Starter Materials

Before your install your flooring, your sub-floors need to be prepped properly. The starter materials ensure that your subfloors are prepped and leveled correctly.

  1. Underlayment
  2. Backer board
  3. Floor primers
  4. Patching and self-leveling
  5. Flooring adhesives

Installation Tools

Installation tools help you flawlessly install your flooring in your home or office. We’ve listed down all the tools you will need to install your floors.

  1. Wood and laminate cutters
  2. Mouldings and trims
  3. Tapping blocks
  4. Floor tighteners
  5. Nails
  6. Nail guns
  7. Edgers
  8. Knee pads
  9. Moisture meters
  10. Floor jack

Post-Installation Tools

Post installation tools ensure that your floors look sparkling clean and well-finished after they are installed. These tools help complete the job and put a smile on your face.

  1. Floor cleaners
  2. Polishes
  3. Wood fillers