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Laminate Flooring - Taozen Floors Services
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Laminate Flooring


Laminate floors are economical, durable and super simple to install. They can be installed in any room with the exception of bathrooms and laundry rooms due to humidity and moisture.

Step 1:

Level and clean the subfloor on which you will be installing the laminate floors. Remove any glue, paint or nails from the subfloor to make sure it is properly leveled.

Step 2:

Determine the layout you’re going to lay the laminate floors in. It’s important to know how the floors have to be spread before starting the installation process.

Step 3:

Install the underlayment based on the manufacturer’s instructions and ensure that you tape all the seems together.

Step 4:

Start laying the floors from the corners by rocking the tongue and groove joints together while leaving a 10mm gap between the floors and the wall to create room for expansion.

Step 5:

Continue installing the floors in a pyramid pattern to keep the floors properly straight.

Step 6:

Once the floors are completed, install baseboards against the edges to give it a finish look.

Essential Care

  1. Vacuum or sweep the floors regularly to remove dirt and sand from it. Do not use water or cleaning agents to clean your floors as they can damage it.
  2. Shield your floors from sunlight by pulling the drapes or blinds or using UV ray protectors on your windows.
  3. Avoid walking in stiletto heels on the floor and sliding heavy furniture across the floors as they can cause unwanted scratches.
  4. Do not place electronics directly on the floor as the heat that is generated from these devices can damage your floors over time.
  5. Make sure to trim your pet’s nails to avoid any scratches on the floors when they move around the house.


  1. Laminate floors come in planks or square tiles. The different designs of laminate floors can make them look like wood, stone or ceramic tiles.
  2. High quality laminate floors do your gap and they click together perfectly.
  3. Laminate floors do not need refinishing or sanding.
  4. They are extremely easy to clean and maintain.


All our laminate floors come with warranties directly from the manufacturers. Please contact us for any questions you have about the warranty of your flooring before purchasing it.